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Welcome to our radio station! Right now, the radio station is actually just a collection of MP3s created by the staff and friends of Motel Magazine. In the future, we may return to doing live broadcasts. For those of you who experienced the live broadcasts and would like to experience them again, or for those of you who never heard the live broadcast: we have recordings of those, but we don't have any way to serve, if you want a cd, email us and we'll figure it out.

Small Car Driving?

The name of our radio station comes from the classic song "Small Car" by blues great Marvin Pontiac. You can hear the song by listening to our station. It's also available on the album The Legendary Marvin Pontiac. Once you've heard it, we're sure you'll understand why it's our inspiration.

Motel Magazine Records Presents:


Mudflap is the west coast's premier truckin' band. Get ready for some gear jammin, coffee drinkin, waitress pinchin good times.


This is the legendary early 90s Ann Arbor Punk-a-billy band that inspired a generation of imitators. Featuring Chris Minnick (aka Jimmy Joe Jack Daniels) on Vocals, and Motel contributing editor Ben Drake on bass.


Buck-O is an e-mail collaboration between the creators of Don's Island Paradise and Motel Magazine

DJ Fimbletron

After many grueling years of research, DJ Fimbletron has developed an incredible new machine, the Fimbilattor that brings new clarity to even the most jumbled vocal tracks. Listen for yourself!

Misc. Strangeness

Audio clips we have laying around. These feature the ramblings of the Motel editors, DJ Fimbletron, and others.

Archived Shows

  • February 27, 2003 - We managed to scare off all of our listeners with an extended "Teddy Bear" rock-block (as in the Red Sovin song). (Contact Us for a copy!)
  • November 21, 2002 - The Thanksgiving show, in which we gave a big "no thanks" to all of our non-listeners! (Contact Us for a copy!)
  • October 24, 2002 - Our special Halloween show! Very scary!. (Contact Us for a copy!)
  • October 3, 2002 - I got on an album kick at first, then spiced things up. We had a record of two listeners for part of the show!!. (Contact Us for a copy!)
  • September 12, 2002 - Lots of tunes, more talking. We had a listener this time (thanks Gary!). (Contact Us for a copy!)
  • August 30, 2002 - our first show! Lots of good music, but not much of us talking, since we didn't have any listeners (Contact Us for a copy!)

Records from our collection...

New America - Bad Religion When Disaster Strikes - Busta Rhymes Ice Cream Castle - The Time Mule Variations - Tom Waits It Takes a Thief - Coolio
Superfly - Curtis Mayfield Earthling - David Bowie Uh-oh - David Byrne Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death - Dead Kennedys Devo Live
Superfast - Dynamite Hack Lust - Ambitious Lovers Fear Eliminator - ZZ Top Prairie Home Invasion - Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon
No Such Place - Jim White Evolution - Journey The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Portrait of an American Family - Marilyn Manson Yo! Bum Rush the Show - Public Enemy

DisPepsi - Negativland