Monday, October 30, 2006

A friend of ours sent me some belated suggestions for our NY trip -- one being to visit the NY Public Library Main Reading Room. My response was that we were already home and had not visited it, but I think maybe I visited it once as a kid. But I'm not sure whether I am remembering something real, or just a movie or photos I have seen. Which makes me ask, does it really count if I can't remember?

So, does an experience count anymore if you've forgotten it?

Friday, October 27, 2006

New York Triumph #1

We were totally in the audience at David Letterman.

On Sunday morning, we were walking by the Ed Sullivan Theater and saw that the box office was open. We went in and talked to some of the youthful interns there and filled out a request for tickets. They said they would call if we won the "lottery" for tickets. Well, we did.

We were totally in the audience, and it airs tonight, Friday 10/27. (They tape the Friday night show on Monday nights, after they tape the Monday show. Apparently Dave takes Fridays off. I would too if I were him, let me tell ya.)

Let me say right here that I totally have a crush on David Letterman; he's one of my original celebrity crushes, dating from the mid-80s.

Chris tried to use a very distinctive laugh, and we were seated right under a microphone, so hopefully we'll be able to hear his deep "ha ha ha" in the crowd. I said "yaaaay!" a lot during the parts when we were clapping and cheering.

But wait -- there's more! The guest was Bill O'Reilly, of all people! Dave really tore into him, and barely gave him a chance to talk. Which I fully endorse.

The band was this totally interesting band from Omaha called Tilly and the Wall. Has anyone heard of them? Instead of a drummer they have tap-dancers. It's not as cheesy as it sounds. They were really excited before and after the performance, which was neat to see. Clearly it was a big deal to them, which is awesome.

P.S. At the end of the show, Dave announced who would be on Monday (as in 10/30) -- Borat (aka Sascha Cohen, aka Ali G) and Beck. The audience let out an audible moan of "WHY didn't we get those guests?!" I will agree that Borat would have been better than Bill O'LIElly, and it would be cool to see Beck, but Beck would probably be all nonchalant been-there-done-that whereas these Tilly and the Wall prople were so excited. And Beck kind of bugs me anyway.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Worst company in the world

Google, also known as the company that will be someday soon be more hated than Microsoft, has a giant soul-sucking machine in Mountain View called the "Googleplex". Our trolls have managed to sneak these pictures out without being hypnotized by the evil lava lamps or having their teeth rotted out of their heads.

Google pumps its employees full of candy to get them to work longer and harder. The inevitable result is that they often feel too exhausted at the end of the day to drive home. They crash on a cheap couch, wake up, and start over.

Employees at Google can barely walk themselves to their desks as a result of all the long hours eating candy and typing. Here you see several people waiting to be given a ride to their desks on the company scooter.

Wild animals roam the halls of Google. They're trained to identify and attack employees who are slacking off.

This photo pretty much sums it up. Everyone at Google HQ eats too much candy, they can't move without the aid of machines, and wild animals are everywhere -- waiting for the humans to slip up.

This unfortunate person has crammed all of her worldly possessions into her cubicle in order to give herself some sort of feeling of comfort and individual identity while slaving away for the Google masters.

Multiple monitors and noise-canceling headphones provide a "virtual real life experience" for workers. Rumor has it, one man didn't leave the Googleplex for a month. He didn't get overtime either.

Here we see the worker who didn't leave Google for a month (in the foreground), and two other workers who have families they'd like to get home to.

Excessive sugar intake has resulted in 99% of the brainpower at Google being completely wasted. Rumor has it, Google uses the heat generated from all this activity to power an immense underground generator. They make huge profits by selling electricity to the people of Mountain View.

Candy is everwhere.

More candy.

Thousands of workers / residents, and only 2 washing machines.

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