Friday, October 21, 2005

Bon Jovi really brought rock back into the 80's scene. This is what I am discovering from listening to Best of 1986 on Musicmatch today.

To those of you who already knew this, I apologize. I was too busy listening to Depeche Mode and Arcadia at the time to notice. Speaking of, I really love "Election Day" by Arcadia. I swear, Duran Duran's best work was done in the Arcadia spin-off project.

1986 is turning out to be a pivotal year: now RUN-DMC's Walk This Way is on. This is waaaaay better than 1985.

This is so 8th grade it's hilarious.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Further supporting my Monday assertion about the music of 1982, a listen to Best of 1981 on Tuesday morning and Best of 1983 that afternoon produced nothing nearing the caliber of the endless stream of fabulous songs Best of 1982 whipped up. Today is Best of 1984 day. We'll see what the final verdict is, but so far not even Thriller can counterbalance the misery of the Footloose soundtrack.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I am listening to The Best of 1982 on Musicmatch, and I think that 1982 has more of my favorite songs, per annum, than any other year. It really was a fine year for music. Here are some songs that came out that year: "Don't You Want Me" by Human League, "Freeze Frame" by J. Geils Band, "Working for the Weekend" by Toto, "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by the Police, and "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell — and the list goes on and on.

Based on the merits of "Heat of the Moment" by Asia alone, 1982 stands head and shoulders above the previous and following 5 years at least.

The pupils in goats' eyes are rectangular, says Snapple. How does that work? I am having trouble finding anything of substance about this online. But this page is fun: Goats.

Have I mentioned that I really like goats? They're the best.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


It's been a while since I posted my reviewlettes of movies we rent, so here's a start on catching up:

Firefly: Discs 1-4, 2002
The best show ever. Rent it now. Watch it. Love it.

The Doom Generation, 1995
This is a b-movie, and it was almost fun and stupid, but then it ended up being gross and stupid which I didn't like. I don't like gross. Stupid can be OK. It's a very L.A. movie, with cameos from Margaret Cho, Parker Posey, Dustin Nguyen (from 21 Jump Street), and probably a bunch of other people I didn't notice. It stars Rose McGowan, which is a never a good thing unless you're a guy and want to see her boobies.

Old School, 2003
Hmmm. Hmmm. I know I'm supposed to like this. I'm in the demographic and all. And it was funny, particularly Vince Vaughan. But it didn't quite work for me. I probably would have liked it a lot better if I had seen it in a theater full of laughing people. I liked everything except for the frat stuff -- which kind of put me at a disadvantage since that's most of the movie.

Menace II Society, 1993
This is a strange genre that they don't really seem to make anymore. I was tense watching this movie because I knew nothing good was going to happen in the end. And it's one of those movies that makes me feel like the world is a horrible place. I know this already, so I don't need it in my entertainment.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

LEGO FUN! John at Uneasy Rhetoric spread the word to me on this one. You can make your own lego people. My hands are too tired from work to make links, though. So you'll just hafta find it yourself.

this is supposed to be me now.

This IS me in high school

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Last week, when Chris was out of town at Web 2.0, I watched the movie The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin) again. I still really like it, but it's definitely not flawless. It's too long, for sure. But I love the Wuppertal setting — I guess Walburga was right that I should have gone there when in Germany — and the general weirdness of the movie. Of course, being in German always makes a movie seem weirder. All the scenes in the mental hospital help, too.

I was discussing with Chris how, of foreign movies, I like German ones best because I understand them best, and the subtitles are just like little helpers, not totally essential but appreciated. After that I would put French and then Spanish, and then it's all really the same because I can't understand anything.

Wit that he is, Chris was quick to point out that English, Australian, Irish, etc. movies are easiest for him to understand. I agree for the most part, but there are those movies with such thick accents that you need subtitles (like The Snapper, which I actually saw in Paris with French subtitles, which were no help at all). In those cases, I think I would still prefer German.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Here's something that's a bit of a departure from the usual Motelmag format (which has been "don't post anything new", apparently).

I'm going to this Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week. Is anyone else who reads Motelmag going?

The schedule for this thing is intense and completely packed with things I'm interested in hearing about or people I'm interested in hearing from. One cool thing about this conferece is that they've made it so that you don't have to miss anything...there aren't a million things happening at the same time.

But, on Wednesday, they have all these "Workshops" happening at the same time...and some of them are pretty early and I'm trying to decide how early it makes sense to get on the train to San Francisco for this...

So, my dilemma is: which ones to go to? I'm sure that I'll be able to catch recordings of some of them sessions on IT Conversations next week. But, which ones should I actually attend?

I'm also looking for information or an invitation to anything else interesting happening that I might not know about (besides Web 1.0).

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