Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Center for Researching Obvious Things has released a shocking new report: Survey: America's Image Suffers Abroad

My favorite part is about how citizens rate their own country's popularity. Here are some highlights:

Most Americans know they are disliked around the world. The survey found 69% reported that the United States is "generally disliked," while only 26% believe they are liked abroad, the lowest percentage of any nation surveyed. Only 4% of Canadians believe they are generally disliked abroad, but 57% of Russians and 66% of Turks surveyed believed they were unpopular.

Germans were the most self-deprecating of nations, the poll found. Only 51% of Germans said their country was liked and 43% believed that Germany was generally disliked. But in fact, other Western European nations gave Germany very high popularity ratings including the French, who gave Germany higher marks than they gave their own nation.

Oh, those poor sad-sack Germans ...

And disturbingly, the worldwide perception of American people is going the way of the U.S. government:

While it is still true that the rest of the world holds the American people in higher regard than the American government, the gap is narrowing, the survey found. Even in Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia, where the perception of the United States turned more favorable in 2005, the image of the American people declined, the survey found.

"Anti-Americanism is entrenched in many countries in the world, especially in Europe," said Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Global Attitudes Project. "But we have seen some progress," notably in India and Indonesia, where the U.S. image improved dramatically.

Is that really how we want things to be progressing?,0,1476593.story

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hi good people. Just a quick post to bring your attention to the newly revamped Monkey t-shirts, with original art by me. Still no picture of a monkey, though, as these shirts are intended to evoke the feeling of monkeyness, rather than present a specific image of a monkey. They can also been seen as a label -- are you a monkey? If that doesn't get you to buy one, I don't know what will.

On another note: Motel's favorite bluesman, Oven Mitt Johnson, is rockin' away on CD Baby right now and is coming soon to your favorite digital distribution location. Check him out. Yo.

And, if you already have a copy of the CD, now is a great time to write a brief review over there at CD Baby and let everyone know just how much blues this guy has.

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