Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm sure you cats caught this (especially because Austin for Kerry and Edwards is responsible!), but Motel should link to it too:

Former Lt. Gov of Texas regrets placing GW Bush into the National Guard

Political Motel is looking really good! Keep it up!

Monday, August 30, 2004

The Olympics are over and the elections are upon us. I'm sure there will be plenty of movie reviews, bad poetry, musing on this and that, and especially booze reviews between now and November 2 -- but my and Margaret's main mission between now and then is to work towards electing and releecting good people to public office.

If you're reading this and thinking "there must be something I can do to make a difference in the world and to be cool like Chris and Margaret", pick any one of the links above and head right to the Donate button. Or, find a race that's close to you and sign up to be a volunteer.

If you're reading this and thinking "I hate fags, poor people, nature, and blacks, so I'm voting for Bush" -- you're at the wrong site, but you should click one of the above links and make a donation too...hell, you're just stupid enough to do it!

Go read Political Motel now too. In the next few days/weeks we'll be posting information about our upcoming parties for various candidates/organizations that we'll be holding for the next 9 weeks....followed by the ultimate party on November 3 (which happens to be Chris's birthday in addition to the day after election day).

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bad Olympic Poetry Corner

You are fiery but not a redhead

Do the judges do you wrong?

Your emaciated body flies through the air

The vault was the wrong height

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thanks to an article in today's Sacramento Bee I found out about the Sacramento County Food Facility Inspections Website today. What a great thing! Check it out!

My favorite Sacramento restaurants have got some Major Violations. I think I'll refrain from mentioning which ones they are...because I'm a classy kind of dude. Will that stop me from going to them? Probably not. I sure am glad there are restaurant inspections, however.

I was surprised to find that the fast food restaurants (where I DON'T EVER eat) generally perform much better than the restaurants that I actually go to regularly.

I was also suprised that out of the 7 restaurants in Sacramento County that have the word "Shack" in their names, only 1 had major violations in its most recent inspection.

Friday, August 13, 2004

I was just remembering this goofy story from when I worked at poster store called Graphitti on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. It was kind of a low-end poster store, mostly catering to the students at Cal and also, I suppose, to the late 80s "alternative" high school kids, like me, who hung out on Telegraph.

Anyway, a lot of gross frat guys would come in and buy posters of cars. My (least) favorite was the one that had an airbrushed picture of a 3-car garage with 3 ridiculous cars in it like a Lamborghini, a Mercedes, and some other sports car or whatever with the title "Justification for Higher Education." Barf.

One day this kind of faux-sensitive college freshman dude came in, and asked me the dorkiest question. He was a sort of hippie-light type probably a big Spin Doctors fan. Anyway he asked me:

"If you, as a girl, came into my dorm room, what kind of posters would you want to see?"

I have to say I think I was pretty snarky to him, but I can't exactly remember what I said. Just something like:

"Maybe you should pick out posters based on what you actually like versus what you think would impress a girl."

Well, maybe I wish that's what I said. But I think whatever I did say was better than just saying "I don't know," looking the other way, and wishing he'd leave.

But I can tell you that it sent me into a brief angst-spiral regarding college. You see, I was still in high school, and I had a lot of hope that college would be better. But this representation of collegiate life was too gruesome for words. Alas, the reality of college life was also, in many ways, too gruesome for words. But that's another story.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Russian aliens!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Today is one year since I got laser eye surgery. Eyes work. Yay.

Last night we watched The City of Lost Children, which is a recent French fantasy film. I thought this would be interesting, since American fantasy films are fairly predictable (they all turn into action movies eventually). I thought, hey I wonder what the French culture is going to conjure up for fantasy.

Weeeelllll ... it's a little scary, actually. It started out well with a kid in a crib and six or seven demented Santa Clauses coming down a chimney, reindeer poop plopping down on the floor and the kid bursting into tears. As Chris said, "So far, this is the best movie ever!"

Unfortunately it didn't stay the best movie ever. I'm not 100% sure what wasn't quite right about it. It might have been the evil siamese twin ladies, or the skinny dream-stealing man, or the lady dwarf with a pompadour. Hard to say.

But what I'm thinking now, while I write this, is that it just wasn't any fun. The only joke (that got through to my American brain anyway) was the little kid who burped. That's not that funny.

It's entirely possible that I was looking for a narrative that was more in the American tradition. I'm not quite sure. It was just a little too scary and a little too confusing.

Chris, do you have anything to add?

Monday, August 02, 2004

As I am older than the coveted 16-to-24 market, it's been a long time since I felt too young for a movie. But in watching Something's Gotta Give (2003) last night, I encountered that long-lost feeling. The movie started out promisingly enough, with some witty banter and comic situations as an unlikely crew of houseguests assembled in a conveniently posh Hamptons getaway. But it quickly became clear that I was going to be subjected to an endless number of macular degeneration jokes (that's where older people can't read things close up *or* far away).

This might have been cute, I suppose, if so many of the movie's presumptions -- or are they assumptions? -- weren't so patently unbelievable to me. I was appalled to learn that Jack Nicholson is still found attractive, particularly to young women, which is the premise of the movie to some extent. Even Diane Keaton, who is more appropriate for him age-wise, is way more together and foxy than he is. Jack is cool, but at this point he isn't really a viable "sexy older man."

Speaking of Diane Keaton, this movie was heralded as the best movie role she's had in ages -- as indeed it is. But it's too bad that the movie she was in isn't better.

It started out well enough. Even the "opposites attract" cliche romance was a little interesting at first, since it was based on actual conversations and situations that we, the viewers, got to hear and see. As the movie progressed, however, we were subjected to more and more musical interludes, where we can see the people in the movie talking and laughing, or looking meaningful in some way, but we couldn't *hear* the conversations, which made them just about meaningless. It's like the screenwriter actually wrote maybe 5 good conversations, and then for the rest of the script put the instructions "MAKE IT SEEM LIKE AN INTERESTING/PROFOUND CONVERSATION IS HAPPENING" whenever the going got rough.

(It's this sort of lazy writing that makes the movie Before Sunset (in theaters now) so remarkable in contrast. In that movie, the characters actually talk the whole time, and it's actually interesting for the whole 1.5 hours. Holy moly.)

What's really sticking in my craw about this movie is how irritating the Keanu Reeves character, Dr. Julian Somebodyorother, was. He was all smily and romantic and so BLAH it was sickening. And I know I am supposed to rejoice that this male character was disposable and one-dimensional -- as opposed to the typical female disposable and one-dimensional character -- and I suppose on principle I do ... but that didn't make him any less irritating. When he walked into a cafe in Paris with a scarf around his neck and a present for Diane, I just about barfed. It's almost enough to make you give Jack Nicholson a second look ... but not quite.

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