Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Ok, normally, this post would go in Political Motel, but it's just too funny to not have on the homepage.

Announcing Motel Magazine's
Stupid Wack-O Republican Reagan Memorial Watch!

We've joked in the past about how after Reagan dies, Washington D.C. and several states will be re-named Reagan. I'm starting to think that those things aren't at all impossible.

What I want to do here is gather your ridiculous ideas about what might be renamed for Reagan, along with how much you'd be willing to bet that it won't happen. I may be willing to take on some friendly wagers after seeing these stories:

Ohio Rep. wants Reagan on Rushmore
Council may discuss forest name change
Reagan supporters want to see their hero on U.S. money
Reagan's name likely to spread farther (includes a partial list of things named after Reagan, including: an aircraft carrier, office buildings, schools, scholarships, all sorts of roads, a peace garden, a weapons testing site and more.)

Who is the evil-doer behind this nonsense? You guessed it! It's nasty-evil radical right-wing creep Grover Norquist! Check 'em out!

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