Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Our Man Flint (1966) is a parody of James Bond movies. I're probably saying "Oh, yeah...that's really original"...but, hey, we're talking about 1966 here, so maybe it actually was.

Anyway, Derik Flint is an ex-secret agent who is recruited by the government to track down and stop some evildoers who are messing with the weather.

The part that I found most interesting about this movie is that it attempts to deal with the issue of what James Bond does with the woman he picks up during each movie. Our Man Flint presents the most optimistic version: he simply keeps adding new wives to his happy family. In this movie, Flint starts out with four wives, but at the end, it's clear that the ex-evildoer babe is going to become a fifth wife. Very nice.

Margaret and I have discussed (at great length) what we think happens between James Bond movies. They go back to England, have a hard time cutting back on expenses...well, here's the beginning of the screenplay Margaret started writing:

What's the matter, love? Why don't you read a good book?

He walks to the bookshelf, grabs a mass market paperback of a Lilian Jackson Brown
("The Cat Who ... " mystery series) book, and tosses it to her. She doesn't attempt to
catch it, but lets it fall onto the couch next to her.

Oh, James ... I can't read a damn book! I want to go to Monte Carlo. I want to play
roulette! It's been such a long time ...

Well, I'm not on an expense account right now, angel, you know that. I can't just go
gallavanting all over the globe if I'm not on assignment.

Aaaarrrrgh! Well, what *can* we do, then?

Let's go enjoy a dip in the pool, shall we?

Oh, alright ...

She slowly stands up and walks into the bedroom to change. James heads toward the kitchen.

Exterior, late afternoon.
The apartment complex's community swimming pool. About 5 or 6
kids are playing in the pool with 3 or 4 moms watching from the patio chairs. James and Woman
come through the gate carrying a blue cooler between them. It's awkward getting through
the gate with the cooler.
They look for a place to sit. They choose 2 lounge chairs and place the cooler between them.
They flop down into their lounge chairs.

You *did* bring some good liquor, didn't you?

But of course. There are some things one can't be without -- even between assignments.

The Woman perks up a bit.

What do we have?

Well let's see ...

He opens the cooler. There are all kinds of liquor bottles in there, with mixers and glasses.
He whips up a fancy chick drink for the Woman, and a martini for himself. They lean back in
their chairs enjoying their drinks.

The kids splash in the pool and yell a lot. The moms try not to stare at James and the
Woman as they down drink after drink. James and the Woman are clearly somewhat irritated by
the kids (they are splashed once or twice), but as they get more and more drunk the less
it bothers them.

Soon evening is upon us and the moms take their kids inside. James and the Woman remain
in their chairs even as it gets dark. The pool is poorly lit at night.

Eventually, the pool guy comes along to take leaves out of the pool with one of those nets. As
he moves the net through the pool, he calls to James and the Woman.

Mr. Bond ... you know, the pool's closed now. I won't say nothing, but you guys
need to go inside or I'll get in trouble.

James and the Woman are slow to respond, so the pool guy repeats himself (not verbatim)
several times as they rouse themselves.

JAMES (slurred speech)
Alright, alright, we're on our way .. we've got to get going anyway ... we have a big night
planned ...

James and the Woman gather up their stuff, and stumble out of the pool area carrying the cooler.

Interior, evening. Back in the apartment.

James and the Woman struggle through the door, and leave the cooler on the floor near the front

We don't have a big evening planned, do we James?

James doesn't respond. He makes another martini for himself and grabs the Lilian Jackson
Brown book from the couch. He lays down on the couch and begins to read (or pretend to).
The Woman, out of it but also frustrated, walks into the bedroom. She flops down on the
bed face first and is asleep immediately.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

We've created a new area of our site as a way to tell our readers what they can do to help take our country back from right-wing extremists. It's called Political Motel, please check it out if you're interested.

Wacky Email
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Thursday, March 25, 2004

The folks from Weapons of Mass Consumption just sent us a couple new tracks.

Weapons of Mass Consumption is a Detroit-based sound collage / music group that's been obsessed lately with recording and trying to make sense out of George W. Bush's insane babblings and attempts at reading scripts.

Listen to them now on Motel's Music Page.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Makeover TV
During the last few months, I've developed quite an interest in makeover shows. Read about my favorites here. (Woohoo! More fresh content!)

Monday, March 22, 2004


We've got a fresh movie review of Starsky & Hutch plus some thoughts on the new Coen brothers KFC commercial. Check it out here.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Some friends of ours are in Australia right now. Yesterday I began pondering how weird it seems, to me, that they are so far away but we're still here, doing our normal Sacramento things. And they're off on the other side of the world. And then I wondered, what's the furthest place on earth from here?

So we took a look at our globe, and discovered that the furthest place on Earth from here is a point in the southern Indian Ocean, not too far from the Crozet Islands (Fr.), which I had not heard of before despite my mild/medium (not spicy) interest in seafaring tales of yore.

As far as large landmasses, the closest things to this spot are South Africa and the west coast of Australia. I personally would much rather go to the west coast of Australia ... so someday in the future, when I get the itch to go as far from home as I possibly can, I guess I'll visit Perth. It's good to know these things.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

What's Up, Tiger Lily? (1966, of course) is another 1966 movie with one of those stupid animated title sequences.

I really enjoy watching Woody Allen movies (particularly the old ones) these days, because our friend Steve actually is Woody Allen from 25 years ago. Strange, but true.

Even if it weren't for Steve being Woody, I would still have liked this movie. Basically, Woody took a Japanese film and dubbed English dialog over it without knowing what's being said in Japanese. The result is a somewhat more sophisticated version of what we do when we're watching the Indian music video channel. " a sexy man. You...are a pretty lady. Dance around! Dance around! Dance around!"

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The other weekend, we picked up some of these game things that plug into your tv that let you play old atari games. It's just about the size of an old Atari joystick...but each one has like 10 games...including space invaders, centipede, breakout, circus atari (splat!), and so much more. Hours and hours and hours of good ol' retro fun. Clean and simple. Only $20! We're hooked! Go buy one! You really really need it: click here to go to Atari Classic 10 in 1 TV Games

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