Saturday, November 29, 2003

We're thinking about starting up a couple new sections here at Here are the ideas. Leave comments or post in the Motel Forums and let us know what you think!

1. Pictures of some of our many thousands of advertisements all over the U.S.
Go to pretty much anywhere in the U.S. and you'll see signs advertising Motel. Despite what has got to be the biggest advertising campaign anywhere, we still don't make money. So, maybe people just don't realize that these ads are for Motel Magazine. This section will help to make the connection by showing some of the better Motel signs we've photographed in our travels.

2. Interviews with hospitality professionals and other people connected to Motels. This idea came to me this morning (we're staying in a motel in Berkeley, CA right now, actually). I was laying in bed staring at the sprinkler and wondering what would happen if I were to mess with it and make it go off. I want to go to a sprinkler factory and interview someone and hopefully get a demonstration and post video of it here. What do you think?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Here's my idea for a short film that will win an award at a film festival:

Joe is a computer geek. He spends almost all of his time writing software, working on his website, and posting in his blog.

During one of this infrequent journeys into the "real" world, he discovers that it becomes much easier for him to interact with other people if he imagines that he can right click on them to access a menu.

For example, at the grocery store, he see someone he vaguely knows and menu pops out to the right of the person with options such as "Greet", "Converse", "Ignore". Or, when he witnesses an accident, he accesses the menu and it has options such as "Stop and Help", "Dial 911", "Ignore".

This system works out really well for him and he's finding it so much easier to deal with people that he actually starts going out more often and he even meets a girl at a bar and asks her out. [editor's note: here comes the part that adds that certain cheesyness that will win the award]

On the night of the date, he picks up the girl and is very confident about his system. However, he gets in the car and starts making conversation by making choices from his mental menu: "Ask about weather", "Talk about Music", "Talk about Movies". She responds with something that he's completely unprepared for and that makes him realize that she's actually a person. His list of menu options starts getting longer and scrolling. The scrolling keeps getting faster and faster until it's just a blur. Then he gets in a car accident and dies.[editor's note: ok, maybe the car accident isn't the best ending....but, it's still a work in progress]

Monday, November 24, 2003

Travel story catch-up time...

We travel quite a bit. We're actually really bad about updating our sometimes travel-related zine with the stories of our travels. So, we're going to start working our way backwards with some brief summaries of the trips we've taken that we never got around to writing about before.


We went to Minneapolis in mid-November for our friends' wedding. As Margaret noted earlier, Minneapolis is one hell of a kick-ass city. It's also one hell of a cold city. Bob, who went to school there in Minneapolis but is originally from N.Y. and now lives in D.C., told us that the coldest it ever was there while he lived there was about -30. That's horrible!

We ate at an English-style pub called "Brit's Pub" one night. About a block away was a place called "Irish Bar". You can probably imagine what it was like.

We stayed at the Marriott, which I was actually boycotting although I can't remember exactly why. Something to do with it being run by wierd republicans and mormons. Hell, don't just believe me, do a search for "marriott hotel republican" on Google. All those republicans are having all their events at Marriotts.

The book of Mormon was in our room. Here's the first link I could find about Mormons and Marriott.

But, what's worse than the Mormons and the Republicans is the really wierd liquor laws they have in Minneapolis. I couldn't buy booze the night before my friend's wedding because they have to stop selling it at 8:00 on weeknights, and something like 10:00 on weekends. I kid you not! I even asked the guy at the front desk "What'll it take?". He mumbled something about "the cameras" and I huffed away.

Anyway, Minneapolis is a nice place, but completely not a place that's fit for human habitation.

I've been thinking that we are all monkeys and should wear shirts saying so. So I made some shirts that say "monkey". See them over there in the right column? What do you think? I will buy one as soon as I get some money.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I've been thinking about how wierd it is that our noses point down.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I love Minneapolis.
It may be cold, but I love Minneapolis. It has a Mary Tyler Moore statue and a barbeque manhole cover. You really can't argue with that. At least not with me.

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