Saturday, January 18, 2003

Hello Kiddies! Margaret here. I've been trying to write some movie reviews, but a couple of things have been holding me back: (1) movies cost too damn much -- how can I spend $8.50 or whatever on the stuff they dish up? and (2) I've mostly seen good movies lately, which are harder for me to write about.
So here are some "movie notes."
Last night we watched "About a Boy," which was very good. I highly recommend it.
A few nights back, we watched "Lord of the Rings #1" which didn't go over very well with either of us. I guess I am not much for wizards, elves, and all that sort of English mythology-style fantasy genre. As soon as it started, with that lengthy intro about the forging of the ring, etc., I knew it was going to be trouble. I found myself drifting off, staring out the window -- not a good sign during the first 5 minutes of a movie.
Now, I don't claim that the movie wasn't pretty, or that it might not be interesting to someone who is not me, but I simply did not enjoy it, and the reasons boil down to two chief complaints:
(1) the size of the hobbits relative to the other kinds of people (elves, humans, wizards, whatever), seemed to change from scene to scene. I found this really disconcerting and irritating.
(2) Frodo's Jar Jar Binks-like hobbit buddies should have been sent home, or better yet killed, after the first incident in which they stupidly attracted the attention of the scary bad guys. I mean, what kind of idiot would keep them in their "fellowship"?
Anyway, that's about it for me! Goodnight.

Happy New Year! The latest Motel News is that we've installed new Forum software. Go check it out. We're looking forward to all the interesting things that you have to say...and we get some gems! Here are couple examples from the previous incarnation of the Motel messageboard:

"can you provide me with any research study about motels, if possible in the philippines"
"What do u like how did u make the money are you good at math What is your wifes name"
and, my favorite:
"I know of a person more deserving than anyone who is, ever has, or ever wil be living. This certain person is one of my least favorite and should be one of yours too. This person has done nothing but inflict pain and suffering upon millions of people around the world. And with the aid of his father has brought about all of the world's poblems today. This man's name is Jesus. Do me a favor and smack that guy right in the kisser with a fresh coconut cream pie, it would be much obliged."

Anyway, I'm reprinting these here just in case you're out there thinking "I don't want to post anything, I'll look stupid".

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