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I See The Light!
A Review of "Gods of Porcelain and Plumbing"

by Margaret T. Minnick

I have always held a special place in my heart for toilets -- especially clean, white toilets with sparklingly clean water in them. There is nothing quite so reassuring as a healthy-looking, hygenic toilet in a nearby room.

Matthew Silver's "Gods of Porcelain and Plumbing" stands as a testament to this inherent truth. His movie celebrates the toilet in all its glory, from its early days as an icon of pagan worship to its incorporation into Christianity. He also explores the revelations that everyday people can have when staring into its glistening white abyss.

As the film points out, toilets are a source of magic and mystery. Where does the human waste go to when you flush? "Straight to heaven, I'll bet."

You can watch "Gods of Porcelain and Plumbing" for FREE on the Internet at skeletons/film_detail/ 0,1263,697819,00.html. Enjoy!

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Jesus embraces toilets.

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