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Making Good Movies Great:
A Review of "Digital Harvey"

by Margaret T. Minnick

"Digital Harvey" is an excellent short film exploring the creative process behind "FRE"-ing movies -- that is, "Film Restoration and Enhancement." Two visionary special effects wizards take movies with less than stellar special effects and modernize them, rendering them more palatable to today's audience.

This film documents the process of "FRE"-ing the 1950 film "Harvey," in which Jimmy Stewart befriends a six foot tall rabbit named Harvey. As the animators point out, the problem with Harvey is that he's not actually in the movie. You can't see him. It's like Jimmy Stewart is talking to something that isn't there!

With the latest technologies, they're able to bring Harvey to the screen, completing the film, so to speak. It's really amazing to see the finished product at the end of the film.

You can watch "Digital Harvey" for FREE on the Internet at skeletons/film_detail/ 0,1263,805533,00.html. Enjoy!

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Finally, "Harvey" is complete.

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