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Will Smith Can Kick My Ass Any Day:
A Review of "Ali"

by Margaret T. Minnick

Will Smith kicks ass, and he can kick my ass any day.

I recently rented Ali from Netflix. Will Smith went all out for this movie -- he beefed up, waaay up, for the role. He also did an excellent acting job. Jiggy. It's too bad that the movie wasn't more successful. Unfortunately, I think it was botched by director Michael Mann.

Ali is just too arty, especially for a sports movie. There were way too many musical montages. That time could have been used for something more useful, like developing a character other than Muhammad Ali. Frankly, all of the other characters were fairly one dimensional, with the possible exception of Malcolm X (played by Mario Van Peebles, of all peeble).

Ali's three wives (there were 4 in real life, but the movie only gets through three) are all one-dimensional. The first two go from being sexy young things that Ali's just crazy about to being nagging biotches in the course of about 3 scenes. The third one is a sexy young thing, and then the movie ends.

I read on the internet that the movie covers 10 years of Ali's life, but it's hard to know that unless you're familiar with his life story and can follow along. If you don't know a lot about him, like me, it's a little confusing. In my confusion I wished that the musical montages would stop and some more information about what was going on could be put in the movie.

Oh well. It was still an interesting, arty movie, and it was full of Black Muslims, which is not a common plot element in movies these days. Those Black Muslims are so well-dressed! They made Chris realize that he really needs some new clothes. Other than the Black Muslims, my favorite part of the movie was when Ali refused the draft for Vietnam. He gave a kick ass speech about how the Viet Cong never did anything to him and how he wouldn't go fight for The Man. Very inspiring!

Well, it wasn't the greatest movie of all time, but Will Smith kicked ass. No surprise there.

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Will Smith has a uni-tooth.

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