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Mini Movie Reviews
I've been writing mini movie reviews on our blog (Chris writes them too, sometimes). So I decided to compile them into this new page, which I will update from time to time. Enjoy, I hope!

I Can Be Your Baby Hero
Children of Men "I like London and the near-future, so I was ready to enjoy ..."

It Ain't Much
Starsky & Hutch "Hey, they're pretending to be mimes!"

Anklets and Albino Milli Vanilli
The Matrix Reloaded "If I saw Zion, I'd want to be plugged back into the Matrix, too. At least it's clean."

Attack of the Clone
Star Trek: Nemesis "...the villian's relishing of Troi's 'beauty' is somewhat implausible."

Pee-smelling girl goes nuts in "Swimfan."

Dumber Than a Sack of Hammers
Patchwork pants rule the roost in "XXX."

I saw this movie, and now I'm out for blood.
Guest reviewer Debbie didn't like "Full Frontal"

Yea, Verily!
Guest reviewer Ben assesses 1986's "Rollerblade"

Wowsville in Space
Thrills galore in "Attack of the Clones."

Will Smith Can Kick My Ass Any Day
"Ali" is mediocre, but Will is groovy!

Marky Mark and the Monkey Bunch
The apes give me Good Vibrations!

"Gods of Porcelain and Plumbing"
Straight from heaven!

Making Good Movies Great
"Digital Harvey"

Famous People Looking Really Bad
Everyone plays an ugly scary Southerner in "The Gift."

It's a Conspiracy, Daddy-O!
A look back at "JFK."

Under Her Thumb
Gals could learn a lot from "Saving Silverman."

Discount Cinema Slumming
"Dude, Where's My Car" is a totally funny movie. PSYCH!

"Unbreakable" has the thrills of a kiddie roller coaster.

I don't really like dogs, but this movie was good!
"Best In Show" looks like a documentary, except it's not.

Revenge of the Rubber Masks
"Mission: Impossible 2" should be cited for excessive use of Rubber Masks.

Rock-Em Sock-Em Action Packed Fun
"Gladiator" — Anyone who thinks we don't like the blood and guts as much as the Romans did is smoking the crack.

Pass the Tissues
"Where the Heart Is" has a little too much stomach-touching.

Home Improvement in Space
"Galaxy Quest" doesn't feature any poop-eating! Yay!

This Movie Could Not Be Crappier
"End of Days" is not Arnold's finest effort to date.

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