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  • Whiskey - I'm drowning in a whiskey river.
  • Vodka - rushin' to get drunk. (ha ha, get it?)
  • Gin - aka Vodka with bush flavoring
  • Rum - arr!
  • Tequila - the best thing to come out of Mexico since (insert your own joke here)
  • Other - stuff we might create a category for later.


Brand Type Day We Drank It Rating
Charbay Blood Orange Flavored Vodka 5/2/2004 2

Molly: I like the grapefruit better. Wow, you can type without looking. There's a really's got an odd taste to it...herby. A little disturbing (she pours more).

John: vaguely robitussin. Might be good mixed in things.

Chris: bleh. Makes me feel sort of sick. I bet the grapefruit is better.

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