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  • Whiskey - I'm drowning in a whiskey river.
  • Vodka - rushin' to get drunk. (ha ha, get it?)
  • Gin - aka Vodka with bush flavoring
  • Rum - arr!
  • Tequila - the best thing to come out of Mexico since (insert your own joke here)
  • Other - stuff we might create a category for later.


Brand Type Day We Drank It Rating
Seagram's Extra Dry Gin Feb. 17, 2002 ***
"It's extra dry. Not real smooth. Not bad with tonic."

"Whoo! I don't think I could sip this straight. Fruity and tasty with tonic water."

Gordon's London Dry Gin Feb. 17, 2002 *****
"This stuff is smooth. Silky. More junipery. Pour it over ice and I'm happy. This is the first time we've bought Gordon's, and those Brits know what they're doing."

"Goes down a little easier. With tonic, it's not quite as fruity as the Seagram's, but it tastes smoother. I prefer it."

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