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Beers are rated on a scale of zero to five stars.

Brewery Beer Name or Type Day We Drank It Rating
Pyramid Pale Ale March 21, 2004 ****
"Pyramid opened their Sacramento brewpub on the lovely and scenic K Street Mall last year. While I'm not crazy about the food (boring), the prices (expensive), the atmosphere (chainy), or the service (the waiters have that fake realness thing that you get at Applebees or TGIF), I am fond of their beer. This ale is smooth, well-balanced (or something), and tastes good."

Stella Artois Pilsner March 7, 2003 *****
"We haven't been writing many booze reviews lately, because we've been on that Atkins diet. When we do drink beer we try to drink lighter ones, because we think they must have fewer Carbohydrates. We're probably wrong, but it gives us a good excuse to drink pitchers of Stella Artois (pronounced 'Stella Are Twa''s Belgian for 'Stella would like three'). This is quickly becoming our favorite 'snobby' beer."

Buffalo Bill's Brewery Pumpkin Ale Feb. 17, 2002 *
"Smells like pumpkin pie. Tastes like water that's been strained through pumpkin seeds. If I never drink it again, it'll be too soon. One star, but only because it contains alcohol."

"The pumpkin pie smell and taste lure me in, but the aftertaste is horrible. This is a seasonal beer that relies more on marketing than actual good taste. Will make you sick sooner or later."

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