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The Big Journey of 1996
by Chris Minnick

Day 2: Wednesday, April 17

Today, we went into St. Louis. The gateway arch is nice to look at, and taking the ride to the top of this things seems like a nice enough idea. BUT, they don't tell you that you'll be crammed into a 3 square foot pod with five other people then jerked around for forty hellish minutes with no escape. We got into the pod, freaked out, and got out. We got our money back. We'll write more about this horrible experience later.

Also in St. Louis, the riverboat casinos are all messed up. Apparently, Missouri has some kind of funny laws that say that you have to take a cruise in order to gamble, so they have these boats with full crews who pretend that the boat actually goes somewhere. It doesn't. Probably couldn't if they wanted it to. You have to buy cruise tickets, then wait until the next loading time to get into the casino, even though you're already on the boat. Needless to say, we didn't feel like putting up with that either.

Oh, we saw these mounds that the Indians built. They were cool.

We drove for a long time. Missouri's speed limit is 70 now, so we were flying. That was really nice. We ate dinner in Memphis and made a quick pilgrimige to Graceland to write our names on the wall and take pictures.

We are now at a motel in the middle of Arkansas, the birthplace of President Bill Clinton - it's written everywhere around here. Heck, I'd be proud too. The Memphis/Arkansas border is interesting because on one side of the sign it says "wecome to Arkansas, birthplace of President Bill Clinton" and on the other side it says "welcome to Tennessee, birthplace of Vice-president Al Gore."


Gateway Arch The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO
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