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The Big Journey of 1996
by Chris Minnick

Day 1: Tuesday, April 16

The journey began in the town of my childhood, Center Line, Mich. We stayed at my parents' house Monday night after finally getting everything out of the Ann Arbor apartment. This morning we went to breakfast with mom, made a quick stop at the bank to get funds, and then stopped at the house for a few minutes to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. Of course we did forget important things, a 35mm camera for instance, which we didn't think about until we were well into Indiana. We then headed out onto the freeway. There are five different freeways within 10 miles of Center Line. We got on the one that goes west.

Getting out of Michigan takes about fifty million years, unless you want to get stuck in Ohio (which we didn't). We passed many - well, ok, there's nothing in central or western Michigan. Maybe no one ever leaves Detroit because it requires either driving through central and western Michigan, driving through Ohio or driving through Canada. All options are equally dreadful.

Eventually we reached Indiana, God help us. Indiana is exactly like central and western Michigan except bigger. We have no idea what time it is now, because Indiana seems to be the only state which doesn't use daylight savings time. (I'm not sure whether I think that's cool or just plain arrogant.)

We ate dinner at a Waffle House outside of St. Louis. I had some hashbrowns and a blt. Margaret had a chicken sandwich and some hashbrowns. I talked about Waffle House in issue #2, so I won't repeat myself here except to say that Waffle House is as fine an eating establishment as you will ever find. If you see one, eat there.

We are staying in Collinsville, about 15 miles from St. Louis, at the Best Western - Bo Jon. Don't ask me what it means. I'm extremely frustrated by the phone. It cannot be unplugged. I am currently taking the damn thing apart and attempting to connect my computer so that I can check my mail, but things don't look good right now. I need to find a Radio Shack.


Downtown Detroit View of downtown Detroit.
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