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Interview with the Space Lady
by Chris Minnick

Elaine Eckmann is a volunteer at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico.

Motel: Can I ask you a couple questions?
Eckmann: Whatever you want. Go ahead.
Motel: What is the purpose of the UFO Research Center.?
Eckmann: Just to inform the world of what, perhaps and undoubtedly, did occur in 1947, northwest of here.
Motel: You believe it did?
Eckmann: I certainly do believe. There have been too many happenings, too many people that have been in here, that were working here at the time, too many military people that have come in that helped clean up the debris - there's just been too much. Absolutely, I believe.
Motel: Do you think there's any indisputable evidence for the existence of UFOs?
Eckmann: That we can't guarantee, because the government has pretty much controlled all of the evidence, actually. But there have just been so many people that have had such complete knowledge of it, that we just don't doubt it.
Motel: So you think that eyewitness accounts are the best evidence?
Eckmann: Ya, right, you bet. Actually, our president of the museum was Walter Haut. He was First Lieutenant here in 1947, he was the public relations officer. He's the one that put the information in the newspaper, saying that a crash did occur northwest of Roswell. Our vice-President is Glenn Dennis. In 1947, he was the mortician here in town. He was a friend of the nurse who did help with the autopsy of the little alien that was found alive and that they could not save. Glenn met the nurse the day after the autopsy and she was still hysterical from what she had seen, the still body. And the odor that came from the body was just horrendous. And she drew pictures of the body and gave them to Glenn. And he's our vice-president. So those two people alone make it sound pretty evident.
Motel: Have you ever seen a UFO?
Eckmann: I've seen a UFO. My daughter has seen them all over the world.
Motel: Where?
Eckmann: I have seen one in the desert in Colorado, some years ago, before I moved here. My daughter has seen them in Mount Tamalpais, across the bay from San Francisco. [That] was the first one that my daughter saw. It came and hovered right in front of her for seconds. She thought it was a long time, but it was there for seconds. She said it was huge and beautiful and then it was gone just like that. And they have also seen them in Montevideo, Uruguay, Rio - various places all over the world - Tokyo, Russia. It's quite fascinating.
Motel: Obviously, people want to believe in UFOs....
Eckmann: And the majority of them seriously believe. There are such a small percentage that doubt, and by the time they leave here, some of them have already changed their minds.
Motel: Why do you think that people want to believe in UFOs?
Eckmann: Because there's so much evidence. They're like me. They have been doing reading. They read everything they can get their hands on. That's what I do. Everything concerning UFOs, I read. And it's just so undeniable.
Motel: Uh huh. Do you think that, perhaps, people have a desire to believe in UFOs, which makes them less than objective when looking at the evidence?
Eckmann: They definitely desire to believe in UFOs.

At this point, another lady who had been listening, and whom I later found out was named Anita, jumped in to rescue Mrs. Eckmann.

Anita: The thing about this is, it would be different if it was just a handful of people. But it's world-wide. It's happening all over the world. And that many people can't say, "Oh there's nothing to it." Cause too many people have seen. I've seen, my daughter has seen, my mother saw when she was pregnant with me. I mean, it is there. It's a personal thing. If you have doubts - until you let yourself go, and say, "Well, so many people have seen; there must be something to it." I watched one a few years ago for hours and hours.
Motel: Thank you.

Poor Crashed Alien at Roswell UFO Museum

Diorama of Crashed Aliens
at UFO Musuem in Roswell, NM

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