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The Old West Inn

Willits, California

The Old West Inn is in Willits, California, a few hours (approx. 150 miles) north of San Francisco on Highway 101. Willits is just inland from the much more expensive and touristy towns of Ft. Bragg and Mendocino, and is the eastern stopping point of the Skunk Train, which runs through the mountains to Ft. Bragg. I highly recommend a trip on the Skunk Train (don't worry, it's not stinky).

As you can see from the pictures, the Old West Inn is designed as an old west town, complete with a bank, general store, jail, and much more. Each guest room is a part of the town. I stayed in the General Store, but I secretly wished it had been the Jail.

Besides its very cool design, the Old West Inn features a nice picnic and sunning area, a small pool, and microwaves and refrigerators in every room. It is also just a short walk from a very fine Fosters Freeze restaurant.


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