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Martian Invasion
by Margaret Treadwell

Scientists recently discovered Martian bacteria in a meteor down in Antarctica, renewing fear of the Red Planet. Very similar to Earth's deserts, Mars' climate is the second-most friendly to life in our solar system. Life has long been suspected, and feared, of lurking in the Martian shadows.

Now it appears our fears were justified. Now we understand why the Viking missions of the 1970s detected no life on Mars - Martians are very small!

In the greatest discovery of the twentieth century, we have discovered the true nature of life on Mars. They are bacteria! And we all know what bacteria are: disease carriers!

No Laser Guns

Alarmingly, the reality of Martian invasion is more frightening than originally thought. There will be no spaceships, no laser guns, no little green men. No weapons of destruction can defend our species from the Martian invasion. No, the real threat is a new kind of germ warfare.

Have you noticed how many new diseases have appeared virtually out of nowhere in the last few decades? New horrible and deadly diseases are a dime a dozen these days. Could this upswing in disease and the discovery of Martian bacteria on Earth really be just a coincidence?

The War Has Begun

The evidence is clear that this is a war on the human species-a war that has already begun. The Martian diseases have already found their way into our water, groceries and fast food restaurants. Soon the day will be upon us when all of Earth's life-sustaining resources will be agents of death.

No Need to Watch the Sky

And then the Martians will have secured our planet as a new home. As the last members of the human race die out, the microscopic Martians will arrive en masse, claiming Earth's bounty as their own.

In this carefully orchestrated take-over, there will have been no warning shots, no attempts at peace, no prisoners taken, none of what we humans perceive to be a war. Guns cannot kill microscopic beings, and large animals such as ourselves cannot negotiate with them. In the face of this alien illness, we are helpless.

There is no need to "Watch the Sky." We cannot see them coming.

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