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Jesus' Childhood Burden
by Stephanie Allen

The cruelty of children is legendary and constant. No child, no matter how rich, pretty, nice, or athletic they may be, escapes the scrutiny and furious taunting of their peers. What makes us think it was any different for Jesus?

Everyone knows about the throngs of people laughing at Him, spitting on Him, as they led Him to the cross. He handled it so well... His only words being, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Where might He have learned such patience and restraint? Probably from His childhood. He must have been teased mercilessly by the other children for some reason. Maybe Jesus used to wet the bed...

If He did, you can be damn sure the other kids had something to say about it. It's hard to be forgiving and loving when kids are pointing and yelling, "Baby Baby dipped in gravy... Jesus wets the bed!" There must have been many times when He wanted to use His divine powers to instantly loose those cruel children's bladders and bowls so that a public torrent of filth ran from them, while He stayed absolutely clean. But He couldn't, for fear of prematurely blowing His cover. No one could know He was God until much later on. So He set His jaw, learned to control His bladder and His temper, and forged onward.

As the Christmas Season closes in, and if it's of your religious leanings to worship Jesus at this time, keep in mind the hard work and will power that was involved in His overcoming His personal childhood trauma, and maybe your appreciation for His triumph, and the accomplishments of other bedwetters will grow and make you a better person.

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