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Home Improvement in Space:
A Review of "Galaxy Quest"

by Margaret T. Minnick

I am always a little apprehensive when I go to see a comedy. They are so often not funny. For instance, last year's Blockbuster, "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me", was boring and stupid and gross. (I really don't see how eating poop became such a staple of comedies. It's quite alarming and unfunny.)

"Galaxy Quest" did not feature any poop-eating, accidental or otherwise. What a relief! And it was actually funny.

After a somewhat hasty set-up (I'd be in a hurry to get out of L.A., too), we were launched into a humorous world populated by the greatest aliens in cinematic history, the Thermians. As I'm sure you know by now, the plot is that these aliens believe that the washed-up stars of a defunct sci-fi TV show called Galaxy Quest (read: Star Trek) are real swashbuckling space heroes. In fact, it turns out that they have based their entire society and their spaceship on the TV show, a fact that provides some of the movie's funniest moments. The actors are called upon to help the Thermians out in their losing battle against a big evil green guy and the rest of his kind.

The actors playing the actors are pretty good and pretty funny. The best by far is Sigourney Weaver with blonde hair and boobs falling out all over the place (do I hear any arguments? I didn't think so!).

But the Thermians, all played by unknown (to me) actors, stole the show. They are as goofy a bunch of aliens as you could ever hope to meet. They constantly wear silly grins and speak in a sort of gasping, stilted Eastern European accent of some kind. They also walk stiffly with rigid arms and clap sideways. You can't help but love 'em.

In fact, the fact that I liked the aliens better than the humans might be my only substantial complaint about this movie, but only because the Human Happy Ending is much more pain-free than the Alien Happy Ending: not one of the humans dies, but every Thermian back on the Thermian homeworld dies. Those left on the spaceship are "the last of their kind." And they died because of Tim Allen (in the Captain Kirk character) and his high-jinks. Tim doesn't get his just desserts for that one -- instead he is rewarded with a kiss from boobalicious Sigourney.

Ah, the injustice!

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I heart Thermians.

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