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I don't really like dogs, but this movie was good!:
A Review of "Best in Show"

by Margaret T. Minnick

Let me just start off by saying that this movie, "Best in Show," was actually funny and good, so clearly this review won't be that thrilling. My best work is always done under adversity. Still, I will give it my best.

"Best In Show" is about a bunch of dog-showing fools on their way to a big dog show in Philly. It starts out with many disparate threads of stories, which all come together at the dog show. It is of the "mockumentary" style, which means that it looks like it's a documentary except it's not.

There are many dogs and owners, played by many different actors, many of whom are unfamiliar to me, for once. Parker Posey and some guy are the best, I thought, as this extremely uptight, fashion-conscious, but essentially dorky urban couple with a Weimeraner (you know, Wegman-dogs). They tell the story of how they met, and it all revolves around the J. Crew catalog and two Starbuck's across the street from eachother. It's the funniest part of the movie, I say. A weird thing about this couple is that they both have braces. An odd touch, and I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to mean. I am impressed that the actors agreed to that. I mean, I think this was low-budget. Parker Posey is in it, after all.

Christopher Guest, who played Nigel in Spinal Tap ("It goes to 11."), was in some way the mastermind behind this movie (writer? producer? I'm not sure), and also plays this southern guy with a bloodhound and a ventriloquism fetish. The funniest thing about him is the way he talks -- rambling, to say the least. Unfortunately, I have met some similar types since moving to Texas.

Michael McKean (Lenny from Laverne and Shirley, David St. Tubbins (?) in Spinal Tap) and some other guy play a gay couple who REALLY reminded me of some people I knew in San Francisco, so that made me laugh a lot. The older guy (McKean) makes all the money and is the straight-laced one, like with a suit on, etc. Then the younger guy is kind of wacky and irresponsible, with lots of expensive clothes and hobbies, and, not surprisingly, is totally dependant on the older guy. Either a stereotype or, in my experience, a strange truth. Funny nonetheless.

The most disturbing couple are these people from Florida. The wife is played by Catherine O'Hara (I believe she played the terrible mother in Home Alone) and the husband is played by some super ugly guy. They are kind of funny but also kind of scary and not fun to watch. The wife apparently has slept with like 300 people, so everywhere they go they meet people she has slept with, all of whom feel the need to use tasteless sexual innuendo in front of her husband. Her husband has two left feet and is, like I said, super ugly.

It's never explained how they ended up getting married, which kind of bugs me even today, a week after seeing the movie. It is my firm belief that most people do not marry (or usually even date) people more than one or two rungs above or below themselves on the beauty ladder. Or maybe I'm just really shallow.

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The Uptight Braces Couple

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