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Science & Technology

Interview with the Space Lady
Learn all about UFOs from a real expert!

Martian Invasion
Now we understand why the Viking missions of the 1970s detected no life on Mars...

On the Trail of the Little Greys
Discover the truth about alien-lovers!

When you Unfreeze my Head, I want a Donkey Body!
The ups, downs, ins and outs of Cryonic Suspension.

Time Travel = End of the World
"...time travel would probably be like rewinding a video cassette."

Time Travel Could Make Our Worlds A Whole Lot Brighter
Margaret can't wait to go back and do some preventive maintainance.

You too can learn to set your VCR clock!
Helpful hints for the technologically impaired.

Damn, Them Particles is Fast!
Thoughts about the stuff that makes stuff.


Get Your Eyes Off Me!
The story of our wedding told from the perspective of the blushing bride.

Margaret's Psychology Corner
Jerry Springer and Mono: A Lethal Combination

Marge's Psychology Corner, Sept. 95
"...leave your personality at home or in the car or something."

Marge's Psychology Corner, Aug. 95
A fact-filled foray into the mind of the depressed housewife.

Margaret's Psychology Corner
Come Mr. Weatherman, telling me the Weather ...

·····>Motel Articles


Makeover TV Mania
A look at my preoccupation with makeover TV shows

Big Name Entertainment
The Bangles at the California State Fair

Big Name Entertainment - Part 2
Foreigner rocks the California State Fair

Stressed Skaters Let Their Hair Down and Kiss Fat Women by the Rink
Steve Wilson reviews "Champions on Ice"

God Damn that Fucking Family Tradition
A review of Hank Williams III in New Orleans

Movie Reviews


Chris and Margaret Travel To Europe...
And all sorts of Wackiness ensues.

You Can Keep Yer Damn Nacimiento...and Yer Fergusson Too!
If I never see Nacimiento-Fergusson road again, it will be too soon.

Extreme Seesawing: Sport of the past, sport of the future.
Debbie Solomon explores the traditional Korean sport of extreme seesawing.

Beans 'n' Buds for Breakfast
A weekend on the Texas Riviera.

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Where else but Texas can you wear leather boots, a ten-gallon hat, and a belt buckle as big as your head and not be ridiculed?

Featured Motel: The Old West Inn
A taste of the old west in Willits, California.

I like twine.
A visit to the World's Largest Ball of Twine (Made by One Man).

A Day at the Races
The wonderful world of camel racing!

Feel My Wakuwaku Heart
Our buddy Deborah has a rocking good time in Japan.

The Big Journey
Our 1996 cross-country travel story. Pictures!

In Search of the Bubblelanders
Margaret explores the mystery of Bubbleland...

Journey to Canada
Questions about Quebec's Quandry.

A Visit with the King.
Elvis is alive. We went to Graceland and came back with proof!

Welcome to Detroit
"Even Luke Skywalker realized that there was no future on Tatooine farming dirt."

Detroit: Emerald City of the Midwest?
"My twisted syntax is more comprehensible than the gibberish spewing out of your Detroit-lovin' mouth, you ass-freak!"

Greetings from the East
Postcards from the Antique Book Store


BBQ With Style
Motel's culinary scientists tackle the trecherous task of cooking over coals.

Good Eating
Quality health and fitness advice from Nancy Dunlap.

Religion and Politics

Americans vote for return of Monarchy
Isn't it time we went back to a more simple government?

Amazing Christmas Fun!
What you don't know about the man with the bell.

Marge's Corner, Dec. 95
Santa, Shmanta.

Jesus' Childhood Burden
"Baby Baby dipped in gravy... Jesus wets the bed!"

Some of the letters we've been writing:

To: Bob Dole
To: Taco Bell
To: The Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas

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