Friday, October 27, 2006

New York Triumph #1

We were totally in the audience at David Letterman.

On Sunday morning, we were walking by the Ed Sullivan Theater and saw that the box office was open. We went in and talked to some of the youthful interns there and filled out a request for tickets. They said they would call if we won the "lottery" for tickets. Well, we did.

We were totally in the audience, and it airs tonight, Friday 10/27. (They tape the Friday night show on Monday nights, after they tape the Monday show. Apparently Dave takes Fridays off. I would too if I were him, let me tell ya.)

Let me say right here that I totally have a crush on David Letterman; he's one of my original celebrity crushes, dating from the mid-80s.

Chris tried to use a very distinctive laugh, and we were seated right under a microphone, so hopefully we'll be able to hear his deep "ha ha ha" in the crowd. I said "yaaaay!" a lot during the parts when we were clapping and cheering.

But wait -- there's more! The guest was Bill O'Reilly, of all people! Dave really tore into him, and barely gave him a chance to talk. Which I fully endorse.

The band was this totally interesting band from Omaha called Tilly and the Wall. Has anyone heard of them? Instead of a drummer they have tap-dancers. It's not as cheesy as it sounds. They were really excited before and after the performance, which was neat to see. Clearly it was a big deal to them, which is awesome.

P.S. At the end of the show, Dave announced who would be on Monday (as in 10/30) -- Borat (aka Sascha Cohen, aka Ali G) and Beck. The audience let out an audible moan of "WHY didn't we get those guests?!" I will agree that Borat would have been better than Bill O'LIElly, and it would be cool to see Beck, but Beck would probably be all nonchalant been-there-done-that whereas these Tilly and the Wall prople were so excited. And Beck kind of bugs me anyway.
I'll try to watch tonight. Beck is a wiener. I'm not convinced Sascha Cohen isn't either.

I had heard of TatW, but only because I ran across a site of some other amateur band that uses tap dancers who were peeved that TatW were getting all the press.
You totally could gave been the woman who punched Bill O'Reilly in the face. Damned missed opportunities!
We TiVo'd the show and watched it, but we couldn't find you guys in the audience. We even did slow motion on the few crowd shots they did. It looked like a pretty big seating area. It was pretty cool to see Dave rip into O'Reilly.
We saw ourselves right at the beginning, but only by running it back, freezing it and spending some time trying to find the people who were sitting around us. Oh well! :)
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