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The Bill Gates Pie-in-the-Face Page

Bill gets creamed Oct 26, 1998

Welcome to Motel Magazine. For those of you who came directly to this page from another site or from a search engine, please take a look at the rest of the site after you're done with this page. You might like it. We'd like to know your pie/Bill Gates thoughts. Please post them to the new and improved Research Center. Thank you for visiting Motel Magazine.

Feb 4, 1998:

Bill got a pie in the face in Belgium. It's about damn time. Read the whole story.

We at Motel cannot think of a person more deserving of a pie in the face. Perhaps you can. Go to the Research center and let us know your thoughts, and who you think ought to be "entarter"ed next.
Or, write to us.

And here's the San Jose Mercury News article. Motel Magazine will be following this one closely. Check back later.

This page
, about Noel Godin, may also provide some interesting information regarding the incident.

Another article about Le Gloupier.

Paul Kaye (aka Dennis Pennis) is another interesting man with a similar hobby of bringing down over-inflated egos.

Here's an interview, in German, with some pie-throwing anarchists.

A Microsoft spokesperson was quoted as saying, "This incident is very unfortunate, especially in light of the types of things Bill is trying to do. He later made a joke about how the cream didn't even taste that good."

Motel Magazine is investigating the part about what exactly Bill is trying to do. Get richer? Take over the world? We'll try to find out. If you think you might know what this spokesperson was referring to, go to our discussion forums.

We believe we've figured out at least one of the things that Bill is trying to do that makes this pie incident "very unfortunate" (see below). Apparently, Bill is trying to never again have to wash or comb his hair and this pie incident may force him to have to take a shower.

Feb 5, 1998:

Breaking News:

There may be additional reasons why the pie on Bill Gates' face is "unfortunate, especially in light of the type of things Bill is trying to do." (see below). Motel has just received a report from a source very close to Microsoft that Mr. Gates is in Europe trying to pick up chicks. Bill was reported to have said, "No super-cool sophisticated European chick is gonna go for a guy with pie on his face."

Feb 6, 1998

According to our sources in the Whitehouse and at Microsoft, Monica Lewinsky has been trying to get a date with Bill Gates for a while now. Bill was apparently reluctant, fearing that Monica might be too much woman for him. According to our sources, who wish to remain anonymous, Bill went to Europe "To get his head together, and figure out what he really wants." Bill was not, as we reported earlier, trying to pick up "super-cool sophisticated European chicks." The pie incident was embarasing nonetheless, because it revealed to the world, and to Monica, that Gates is "so much less cool than Bill Clinton."

Bill pretends it isn't happening.

(special thanks to Thomas Wagner for the photos!)

Bill continues to pretend, takes out his notes.
Bill is either getting mad now, or practicing his speech.

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