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Motel's Favorite Vacation Spots

Summer is almost here, and what better time to take a look back at past summers.

We've been to a lot of places, and we've seen some crazy things during the 10 years that Motel Magazine has been around. Of course, we never actually got around to writing about most of the places we've gone. But, ocassionally, we get our shit together enough to write the article. Here are some of our favorite places and articles! Call this our "very special Motel update".

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The Micah Sutra

Motel's Sexy Advisor Answers Reader's Questions

by Micah Issitt

Dear Micah,

My girlfriend saw some show on HBO the other night where they were talking about some kind of spiritual sex techniques. I went and bought a book about kinky sex and I tried some of it on my girlfriend but it didn't work out. What is the best way to learn about that spiritual sex stuff?

Ken Masters,
Kirkwood MO.

[ read Micah's Response! ]

Bike Boggle!

After months of research and devlopment, we are proud to announce our latest creation that will sweep the nation: Bike Boggle!

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"Our Visit to Pismo Beach"

We went to Pismo Beach for our anniversary (#5). We took the road less traveled. Bob Frost never drove on this road.

[

New Motel Forums!

Motel's Discussion Board has a new look and a new attitude! The old board was looking pretty pathetic with its 1996 software. The new place is completely empty, however. So, come on in and post something!

Killer E-Mail!!

Editor's Note: The following article originally appeared in the paper version of Motel Magazine in 1997 or 1998. Like most of our work, it just seems to keep getting better and more timely!

The Information Super High-Way, which was not to long ago widely thought to be the savior of education and business, may prove to be the undoing of the human race.

Recently, computer-savvy teenage hoodlums known as hackers have begun to systematically ruin the lives of innocent computer users through a means of communication once thought to be risk-free — e-mail. [ read more! ]

Small Car Driving Radio Lures in Several Unsuspecting Listeners!

Some of you may be aware of Motel Magazine's semi-regular Internet radio show, Small Car Driving Radio. A few of you have even listened to it! Thanks for your support in making our radio station so successful.

For those of you who are completely confused now and wondering why you never hear of these live broadcasts, the reason you don't hear about them is because we only announce the date and times to a very select group of "special Motel fans". If you would like to become special, Click here.

We have some really wierd stuff planned for future broadcasts, and we're hoping to shatter our listener records next time. Why not stop in?

Big Name Entertainment, Part 2

Foreigner Rocks the California State Fair

Before last weekend, I had no idea how many rockin' hit songs of the 80s were by Foreigner. Since I was definitely not "hip" with what kids 2 or 3 years older than me were listening to in the late seventies and early eighties, and since I have a hard time remembering anything that happened before I was 20, I've always mentally lumped Foreigner into the same category as REO Speedwagon and Loverboy. [ rock on! ]

Big Name Entertainment

The Bangles at the California State Fair

Included in the price of admission to the California State Fair last night was "Big Name Entertainment" provided by the Bangles, that all-girl pop-rock band of the late 80s. I seem to be naturally (or perhaps unnaturally) attracted to faded stardom in all its forms, so I could not pass up the opportunity to see the Bangles slumming it Spinal Tap-style. [ read on! ]

Small Car Driving Re-Update!

8-9-2002 - Motel Magazine's internet radio station is now live! We have moved our station to our own server, and we're now doing live broadcasts. Right now, we're broadcasting mostly during the work day (and whenever we feel like it after work). Let us know that you're listening and we'll give you a "shout out". We might even be broadcasting right now! Click here to find out! We're also going to start doing a regular show...but we first have to figure out what day of the week/time would be best for that. If you're interested in being on our show, or listening to our show, email us and let us know when. If you send mail during the day, and we're at the office, we'll do a special broadcast just for you.

Champions On Ice

Stressed skaters let their hair down and kiss fat women by the rink

by Steve Wilson

The Olympics annoy me on many levels, but I've never fully fleshed out these feelings. Probably because if I peeled back the layers of distaste that have built up over years of exposure to commercials of obese local car dealers who paid a fee to carry the torch, melodramatic narratives dreamed up by television producers, Mary Lou Retton, confusion about whether "Flo-Jo" was a person or a toilet cleanser, young Romanian girls banging the life from their loins on unforgiving beams of wood, and a 1984 McDonald's Olympic promotion in which I failed to win anything more than a small pack of fries while my friend somehow obtained over 100 of the prize cards and lived off free Big Macs for weeks ... I'd probably like the Games. But then I couldn't gripe about them, which is more fun. In any event, I usually get sucked in anyway, especially the ice skating.

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